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We offer comprehensive industrial rehabilitation services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment combined with computerized statistical analysis. Therapeutic interventions help the employee return to work 20% faster or 2-7 weeks earlier than expected.

Technology now exists to properly match a workers physical abilities to the physical job demands.

Musculoskeletal disorders represent the leading nature of injuries and illness reported in the workplace.

Strain and sprain injuries are caused by a MISMATCH between the physical abilities of the worker and the physical demand of the job.


Utilization of† Isokinetics Testing to spot and sort out malingers



Since muscles have no memory, clients who deliberately fail to provide maximum effort will produce a graph with significant variations . The graphs indicate the clients failure to give maximum effort in his back evaluation, indicating inconsistency in his outcomes.



Matching the Physical Capability of the worker to the physical† demands of the job

Apex Therapy provides a cost effective way for industries to rehabilitate the injured employee and accelerate their return to work.†††† We individualize all programs, testing and communication to facilitate quality outcomes.


Benefits of our services over others:


Customized therapy evaluations and programs


■† One† on One† therapy† for† the† employee


■† Customized communication between therapists, Physicians and Case† Managers


■ Legal and Technical support provided.

►Work Related Injury Rehab at Apex Therapy is a comprehensive approach for the the industrial athlete.† It includes the simulation of the employees present or modified work function to assure the employee can return to his/her function with reduced chance of re-injury.


► Pre-Employment Testing: is a test of the physical strength and agility required to perform essential functions of a job thus matching the employee to the physical demand of the job.


►Job Bid pre-testing:† Employees changing positions in the work place need to be matched to the physical performance of the new position. By testing physical strength and agility required, you can assure the employee matches the required demands thus preventing future injuries.


Functional Capacity Evaluation: A comprehensive assessment of an individualís physical ability to work.

 Assessing an individualís ability for work activities in general or for a specific task.

 Developing a safe return to work.

 Providing objective and valid statistical analysis of an employeeís capabilities.

 Effective tool to work out appropriate treatment/rehabilitation programming, and specific work restrictions.

Work conditioning/Work Simulation:An intensive rehabilitation program specifically designed to restore an individualís physical ability† to return to work.


►Ergonomics & job site analysis:

Analysis of job site,safety, body mechanics and position. Recommending realistic cost effective modification to work and work station.


►Job Analysis: Apex Therapy provides services to our industrial clients to assist with analysing specific jobs for establishing physical demands such as frequency and lift demands of the job. We assist employers in developing a written physical demand based job description.


► Joint Comparison:† an isokinetic test performed to compare progress through a rehabilitation program of an injured joint to a non injured joint.