Apex Therapy Services

Providing rehabilitation of the highest standards

We offer Therapy for individuals of all ages with:

 Spine problems: Back & Neck Pain                 Joint Pain

 Joint Replacement                                          Hand Conditions

 Lymphedema                                                       Carpal Tunnel

Wound Care                                                          Tennis Elbow

 Balance/Fall problem                                          Rotator Cuff Repair



These are only a sample of the areas we can help!

Sports Injuries                   Work Injuries   

  Recent Orthopedics Surgeries

Isokinetic Joint Comparison Studies

Stroke, Parkinson's & Other Neurological Conditions

Traumatic Brain Injury



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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people of all ages who have medical or other health related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform daily living functional activities. Physical therapists also help prevent conditions associated with  loss of mobility through fitness & wellness programs that achieve healthy and active lifestyles. Pain reduction and management is a Physical Therapy goal.