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Alison Murphy, MA CCC-SLP

(Speech Language Pathologist and Certified Vital Stim Provider)

Alison is one of the co-founders of Apex Therapy. She has been a licensed and certified Speech/Language Pathologist since 1987. She received her Certification in Clinical Competencies in 1987. Her experience has been obtained from in-patient, out-patient hospital and clinic settings, nursing home, and private clinics. Alison has worked with a population from birth to 104 years. She has an extensive background with neurological and medically complex disorders. One of her specialties is swallowing disorders, evaluation and treatment. She is the sole certified provider of Vitalstim therapy and Lee Silverman voice therapy in Marshall county. Vitalstim is the most advanced treatment of swallowing disorders. Alisonís personality and helpful nature is liked by everybody in the community.

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Alison Murphy, MA CCC-SLP