Apex Therapy Services

Providing rehabilitation of the highest standards

Located at the corner of Jefferson & First Street

440 W Jefferson Street

Plymouth, IN 46563


Telephone 574 936 9600

Fax 574 936 9612



E-mail: apex@apextherapy.com


Physical Therapy

Sports Injuries

Work Injuries

General Rehab

Occupational Therapy-Hand Therapy

Speech Therapy


We offer Therapy for individuals of all ages with:

  Spine problems: Back & Neck Pain             Joint Pain

  Joint Replacement                                        Hand Conditions

  Lymphedema                                                Carpal Tunnel

  Balance/Fall problem                                    Tennis Elbow

  Wound Care                                                  Rotator Cuff Repair                                             

   Sports Injuries                                             Work Injuries  

   Swallowing Difficulties                               Speech Therapy

Recent Orthopedics Surgeries

Isokinetic Joint Comparison Studies

Stroke, Parkinson's & Neurological Conditions

Traumatic Brain Injury



We offer following services to our industrial clients:

Functional Capacity Evaluation/Return to work

Work Injury Rehabilitation

Pre-Employment Testing

Joint Comparison Testing

Work Conditioning

Job Site Assessment







Apex Therapy Services


Physical Therapy           Occupational/Hand Therapy            Speech Therapy

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